Foreign Corn Ports — RigaThe Illustrated London News, May 15, 1847

Pictured here is a newspaper account of Riga, from The Illustrated London News for the week ending May 15, 1947. The article is titled "FOREIGN CORN PORTS—RIGA" and discusses both Riga and Cronstadt (the port for St. Petersburg). As you can see, it's also accompanied by lavish engravings.

Article facsimile

This was actually the fifth anniversary issue, although not specifically noted as such, of The Illustrated London News. Quoting from their web site, referring to the issue published five years prior[1]:

"Saturday 14 May 1842 was an important day for journalism, with the publication of the world's first ever illustrated weekly newspaper — The Illustrated London News. Sixteen pages of world news and events, interspersed with images of, amongst other things, a fire in Hamburg, Queen Victoria's fancy dress ball, the war in Afghanistan and the latest fashions from Paris."

We can only note with deep sadness that 175 years later, Afghanistan is still a seat of deadly conflict.

[1]Retrieved before the ILN closed its doors in 2003.

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