A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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took over and Captain Wm. G. Carter, Jr. of Hq & Sv. Co., 2nd ECA Regt. was the first DP Officer to appear. He confirmed Mrs. Shepe as Camp Commander in a certificate dated 3 May, 1945. This unit was relieved shortly afterwards by DP Det. No.54 commanded by Captain R.V. Marye, Jr., who set up his headquarters in Camp Mattenberg and continued to direct the operation of DP camps in Kassel and vicinity with great energy and sucess as a member of Mil. Gov. Det. F 14, 2nd ECA Reg. until the middle of November, 1945.

Captain Marye also confirmed Mrs. Shepe as Camp Commander, and on May 8th he sent Pfc John M. Hetrick (33539822 - Hq Co 2nd ECAR) to help in the supply and operation of the camp. Pfc Hetrick was a quiet, bespectacled, soft-spoken man in early middle age who finished his military service in Germany in the scholarly seclusion of the Arts and Monuments Section of Military Government, but in spite of his professorial appearance and manner he displayed great initiative and energy in obtaining supplies, organizing wood-cutting and in repairing the camp. He became known to everyone as "Mr. John". He remained until the end of July, and he seems to have gained the affection of all who knew him in the camp, except Mrs. Shepe, who failed to mention him in her account of the camp's early history.

A military guard was posted around the camp in the early part of May, but as there were only two posts on the road in front of the camp and one in the rear, the control was not especially effective.

On the whole, military control of the camp was relatively remote, and the actual camp administration seems to have been left to Mrs. Shepe.

Food Supply and Distribution. 

When the American Army started to furnish food to Junkers Camp in May there seems to have been little or no attempt

on the

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