A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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C. Sinsel of the 9th. Div. Field Artillery, who announced upon his arrival in Kassel that he had never seen a DP in his life, but he was quick to learn, to ask questions and to take advice, and he was very friendly to UNRRA. He pretended to be completely indifferent to the fate of the DPs, but this was a protective attitude adopted to conceal an unusually kind heart, and he was always ready to visit a camp at any hour of the day or night, if there was any question of his presence being required. He was given more officer and en­listed personnel, and instituted weekly inspections of all camps. The reports of these and of other inspecting officers of their visits to Junkers were uniformly favorable. The best evidence of the general reaction is the following letter from General Keyes:

"Subject: Recognition of Superior Performance
 To:Camp Director, D.P. Camp (Junkers) at Betten­hausen (Thru: Commanding General, District II, APO 65, U.S. Army)
  1. During the period 4-22 November 1946, an inspec­tion was made of the Third United States Army Units and Install­ations. Six hundred and twenty-three (623) company-sized units were inspected during the period, Units were rated according to the standards set forth in pamphlet, "Inspec­tion Standards and Instructional Guide for Officers and NCO's", Headquarters Third U.S. Army, dated 1 February, 1946. Twenty-seven (27) of all the units inspected were cited in the final report as being particularly outstanding in certain phases of the inspection.
  2. Inspecting officers reported the outstanding appearance of your unit in the following:
    1. General organization of camp
    2. Living quarters.
  3. I congratulate you, your officers and men for the superior demonstration and appearance of your unit during the recent inspection.
Geoffrey Keyes
Lieutenant General, U.S.Army

Relations with other UNRRA Echelons

Junker Camp had occasional visitors from otehr UNRRA levels, usually from CHQ at Arolsen. General Morgan inspected the camp on


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