A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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deeply regret that your work in this camp has come to an end.
     For more than a year, your work in organizing our camp has been done in the best harmony with the elected represen­tatives of the Latvian community. We had found a careful and prudent leader in you, a person that fully understood the undeserved and bitter fate of our nation and the lasting moral sufferings of that part of our people that has been torn out of our native country.
     We acknowledge that you have done everything in your power to relieve our life. Each enterprise, whether it be our school, our People's University, YMCA, boy-scout or girl-guide organizations, got your encouragement and support.
     We express the sincerest thanks on behalf of our com­patriots for the excellent work you have done for the bene­fit of our welfare.
     We wih you the best success in your future life and work.

Latvian Committee:

Camp Minister,
YMCA Committee;
Director People's University;
Director, High-school;
Headmaster, Elementary School;
Boy-scout representative;
Girl-guide representative;

April, 1947;"

The next morning, Mme. Laborde left for Lindenfels.

Evaluation of the Fourth Phase

The fourth phase from January 1st. to April 2nd.,1947, was a period of consolidation of past gains and a period of moral preparation for self government. The past gains included a host of material improvements, but the greatest gain of all was in the spirit of the people and in their improved moral standards. Their spirit had improved because Mme. Laborde had dealt with them as fellow human beings and as her attitude was free from any trace of superiority they had gone a long way towards overcoming that greatest curse of the displaced person: the feeling that as a "DP" they are a race apart, a group of inferior beings unfitted by their experiences to take care of themselves.

Their moral standards had improved because of the high standards Mme. Laborde followed so unflinchingly, and her influence in these, as in other matters, was so great because she has in such a high degree a quality which so few possess at all:- wisdom.

Fifth Phase

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