A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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April 3rd. to June 30th. 1947

The New Camp Administrators

The new camp administrators took over on April 3rd. The Camp Director, a man about fifty years of age, Mr. Vecvagers, was a high school teacher of English in Latvia. He is a graduate of the Institute of English in Riga, after which he won a two-year scholarship given by the British Council, which gave him one year at the university of London and one year at the University of Durham. He is generally considered to be honest and hard. It will be remembered that he was the only member of the Latvian Committee present who refused to sign the letter demanding the removal of Mr. Skuja, and his present relations with his fellow committee mem­bers are not of the best.

Mr. Strauss, the Supply Officer, is a mechanical engineer who was head of a department in the Latvian Department of Posts, Telephone and Telegraph.

Mr. Osis, Warehouse Officer, was an officer in the Imperial Russian Navy before the first world war. He is a radio engineer and surveyor, and he was head of the Libau[1] Broadcasting station.

Mr. Bankovskis, Administrative Officer, is a civil engineer who held a post as engineer in the hydrological department of the Latvian Government.

Mr. Malitis, Welfare Officer, was a publisher, and is said to have been the head of one of the largest publishing firms in Riga.

Mr. Insberg, Employment Officer, was a captain in the Latvian Army from 1925 too 1936, following which he was a starter of horse races in the hippodrome in Riga.

Mr. Shefler, Transport Officer, was a lieutenant in the Latvian Army until 1941, when he became a clerk in the municipality of Saldis after the Russian occupation.

Mr. Leimanis, Security Officer, was a head technician of a


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