A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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Mr. Beldavs, Medical Officer, was a surgical assistant in the hospital of Cesis, Latvia.

Mr. Skuja, the UNRRA Class II Administrative Assistant, is a textile engineer.

Miss Meschin, the UNRRA Class II Warehouse Officer has worked in the camp as a clerk, typist, secretary, interpreter, and recently as a warehouse officer since the period when the MMLA team ran Junkers.


A photograph of the new administrators is enclosed, together with a photo of the Latvian Committee, and some views of the camp and its activities.

Duties of Camp Administrators

On April 12th., Mr. Sheehan issued Camp Order No. 1 which reads as follows:

"This is to outline the duties and responsibilities of the Staff members of Junkers Camp:
Executive Assistant (Mr. SKUJA)
Represent the Executive Officer for Assembly Center 525, Mr. E. Sheehan.
Mr. Skuja will sign all letters, reports during the absence of Mr. Sheehan.

Ex.  Wood Reports,
Weekly population reports,
Application Forms for Belgium and Holland,
Security Report, etc.

Camp Administrator (Mr. VECVAGARS)
1) Will be in charge of entire Administration in the Camp, see that the leaders of different departments fill their dutie sat­isfactorily.
2) All movements of DPs, travel passes, permission for workers leave, accuracy of the muster, distribution of food cards etc., will be Mr. VECVAGARS final responsibility.
Supply Officer (Mr. STRAUSS)
1. The supply will be in charge of supplies making out weekly and monthly requisitions of food, clothing, amenity supplies etc.
2. All information as to the need of clothing and some amenity


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