A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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supplies, etc. will be furnished by the Welfare Depart­ment. The population figures on which the requisitions are based will be given by the Administration Office.
3) Collecting the food and preparing issue slips based on the Army rations scales.
4) The wood cutting program will be also his respons­ibility.
Warehouse Officer (Miss MESCHIN and Mr. OSIS)
1) Maintenance of stores and Warehouse with the exception of the clothing and Welfare Amenity supplies.
2) Maintenance of proper records (book keeping) cards and issue of all items kept in the Warehouse.
Miss Vally MESCHIN has the supervision until Mr. OSIS is full acquainted with the activities in this department.
Administration (Mr. BANKOVSKIS)
1) The Administrative Office is in charge of all regis­tration records weekly and monthly reports and files.
2) Responsible for preparation of muster. Lists for cigarettes issue and workers' rations (in connection with the labor control)
3) Control of travelling people keeping the food cards and copies of travel passes.
Welfare Officer (Mr. MALITIS)
The Welfare Officer is responsible for the "Welfare" in the camp and also all activities concerning repatriation, emigration and resettlement.
1) Clothing distribution, maintenance of clothing store is his responsibility as well as the preparation of clothing and welfare amenity supplies requisitions in accordance with the instructions received from the Supply Officers.
2) Assistance of Culture and Education movements concerning: schools, university, voluntary agencies, sports, religious ac­tivities and all other duties in relation with welfare.
3) Care of old people and children without family.
4) P.X. for workers.
5) Care of students in University and Training cours out­side Kassel.
6) Preparation of applicaitons for emigration, resettlement etc.
Labor Officer (Mr. INSBERGS)
1) The Labor Officer is responsible for the control of all workers in the camp.
2) Under his control and supervision will be the working shops as carpenters, tailors, shoemakers etc.
3) He is responsible too for the wood distribution as well as for the good maintenance of wood cutting tools.
4) Weekly list of changes in the worker groups will be given to the Administrative Officer.
5) He will be in charge of Labour Cards.
Transport Officer (Mr. SEFLERS)
Mr. SEFLERS is responsiblt for the transport needed in the camp. For special transports he is responsible when an authorization of the camp administration has been issued. All mechanic work in the garage, repairs are under his cont­role. Transport reports and Inventiry concerning transport­ation will be signed by him.
Security Officer (Mr. LEIMANIS)
The Security Officer or Police Chief is in charge of every­thing concerning police in the camp. Weekly report will be signed by him and sent to the camp administration.
Medical Officer (Mr. BELDAVS)
Mr. BELDAVS is responsible for all sanitation and health


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