Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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I leave St. Peter's spire behind me
Beyond Vecaki #1
Beyond Vecaki #2
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Beyond Vecaki #3

A quick look back at the Doma spire, and Lorraine, Josh, and I go off to search for the bus to Vecaki (Vets-ah-tyi), in the suburbs on the other side of the Daugava, on the Gulf of Riga. My mom, aunt Laura, and cousin Gaida went straight there from Bolderaja while I was in Riga.

I'd never taken the bus out there before, and I missed my stop. No problem, I'd get off at the next one. Of course, my stop was the last one in town, and there were no stops until the next house. In the next town. It took me half an hour to walk back. Along the way back, the road passed over this inlet, and I stopped for some pictures. Finally, I make it back - in the dark. Mara and Dzintars have already unpacked the set of Lego blocks I brought along as Dzintars' present. (I really like this new favorite uncle role!) It looks like they're making great progress!

Mara and Dzintars and LEGOs

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