Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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LEGOs continue to entertain

Last time, I had also brought along a Lego set for Dzintars. Vija said she had never seen Dzintars, Mara, and their friends behave so well (cooperative, peaceful, and quiet!). In July, Dzintars had sent me a picture and letter asking for more Lego blocks. I ask you, how could I refuse his request => ? (Over for some more pictures Mara and Dzintars drew for us.) After dinner, we all gather: Mara, Velga, Dzintars, Erna, Gaida, my mom, and Laura. Mara and Dzintars play some more with the Legos (over), look through a picture album from my last trip with their mom Velga and grandma Gaida, and finally fall asleep together in their chair.

A family tree: my uncle Osvalds and Erna had 3 children, my cousins Gaida, Vija, and Janis. Gaida has 2 sons, Maris and Arno. Vija raised them when Gaida was taken away to Siberia again. Maris married Velga, they're Mara's and Dzintars' parents. Arno married Ester last August. I saw Arno briefly this trip, before he left for Germany to buy cars to resell. Ester was off attending school.

All gathered around the dinner table
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Dzintars' artwork
Dzintars' irresistable LEGO letter

Good Day!

    This is is Dzintars writing to you. I'm on summer vacation. I go with my friends to the beach, swim, and ride my bike. When it's bad outside then friends visit me to play with my cars and LEGO construction blocks. Couldn't you bring me LEGOs so I could build something more.

    Dzintars  19th July

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