Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Vecriga spires

Vecriga has always struck me as a city of spires. A closer look at the church steeple I saw down the street reveals weathered copper tracery atop centuries old brickwork and a simplicity and elegance in design of the copper caps adorning the end wall. I must have looked like a real tourist, wandering around with my head tilted back, as I took in the skyline. Here are some pictures of St. Jacob's and St. Peter's. In the square at the heart of the old town - this is where Lorraine, Josh, and I took photos a couple of days ago - I notice later, from the picture, that the weather vanes read the year they must have been rebuilt. The one to the left clearly reads ANNO 1978. This was a bit of a shock; I was expecting something more like ANNO 1678! (This definitely goes on my list of things to ask about the next time I visit.)

The sight of these spires, both sacred and profane, is uplifting.

Vecriga spires
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Vecriga spires
Vecriga, St. Peter’s
Vecriga, spires all around... “1978”

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