Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

Page 73
Dirt tracks to the lake

Mordanga's Lakes

When we got back, I got my gear together and set out once again to Mordanga's lakes, this time, the other way around to keep my bearings. There are 3 connected lakes, each about 2 kilometers long. (We saw one next to the cemetery.) The road disappears and I'm making my way through the woods. I cross a foot-wide bridge over the stream running to the mill. Ahead is the lake, and I set out along the bank. Some of the trees are truly bizarre, like this one tree growing out sideways over the water, barely a foot above the surface. Another pair, uprooted, point out the passage to the third lake in their final act.

Like ancient sentinels in a constellation, fallen warriors placed there by the gods, do they point to the past or the future?

Peering through the trees
Page 74
Another view through the trees
A tree reaching for sunlight grows out horizontally just above the water
Fallen forest warriors pointing in unison, as if placed...

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