Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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I continued to head along the lake until the forest started to get too thick to get through. That is, with a tripod, 2 cameras, a video camera - and I was cutting a wide swath myself, not even considering I ate enough for two people all the time I was there! At bottom, I found a spot to sit for a while to enjoy the quiet and solitude, but it was getting overcast and cool. So I headed back around the way I had tried to come the first time. The stream leading to the mill is totally placid, reflecting like a mirror. The peacefulness here is contagious.

You may think the next picture is just a scenic shot of the barn. Closer inspection reveals a lean-to on the the side. That was our out-house. At night, the watchwords were dress warm and bring your own light. My bathtub? A white enameled metal basin on the kitchen chair. No plumbing? No problem.

Mordanga's lakes
Mordanga's lakes
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Stream heading back toward the mil
Barn overlooking the stream"
A closer look reveals the outhouse!

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