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We've published a number of mailers since our last announcement. For this Palm Sunday just passed, a special edition at examining how well the Baltic states are doing for their children. The media have been featuring a new book looking at how children in the Netherlands are the happiest; it got us wondering how Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania fared in the 2013 UNICEF study examining the quality of life of our children. The results were not just sobering, but alarming--a cultural wake-up call for all of us. 2017 Apr 11
Our latest "mailer" of links, news, and a picture is available. We hope you find it interesting and informative! 2017 Feb 18
Our latest mailer (February 10th @ 2017 Feb 10

Center for Baltic Heritage[1]

Congratulations to Lithuanians everywhere celebrating the 99th anniversary of independence, February 16th, in the modern era. We join in as we reproduce the Washington, D.C. 1953 "Festival of Lithuanian Art and Music" program, commemorating the 700th anniversary of the original founding of the Kingdom of Lithuania in 1253. 2017 Feb 19
We're now highlighting "Trump" and "Putin" in our faster, improved Baltic news feed. We feature news from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Baltic-related items from Russia. 2017 Jan 24
Our streamlined navigation pages are now more mobile-friendly. Hopefully you'll be able to find and return to your favorite content much more easily!
2017 Jan 10

[1]Formerly at URLs LOBH.ORG ("Library of Baltic Heritage") and CFBH.ORG. Those web addresses are still active but direct back to LATVIANS.COM.

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