Latvian Friends — and Portents of a Latvian FutureJune, 1998

Some of us who meet in AOL Lat Chat got together. Then there was Jani out in the country with Silvija's relatives. Look for the Jani kiss that portended the future.

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Dziesmu & Deju Svetki
Childen dancing at the Opera House

Mordanga's garden house
Stove as still life

Peters' cousin Gaida, mom, and Silvija at the grand manor

AOL Lat Chat
"Live" in Riga

AOL Lat Chat
"Live" in Riga, the whole group

AOL Lat Chat
Silvija is horrified, Peters likes the collection of long Latvian noses

Mordanga's mill
Looking sadder each year

Lake view

Riga's St. Peter's Church
Bombed out in WWII

Along the road to...

Stende station
The old station building

Stende station
The train tracks go off into the distance

Neither our first kiss nor last

Old Riga
In places they're just trying to keep it from falling down

Old Riga
A typical scene... one building side restored, the other waiting for better days

Old Riga
Dom Church

Old Riga
Looking in from the Daugava, what's that? a new bus!

Zaubes iela
The Bergamani (Iveta, sons Peteris and Toms, husband Janis) with Silvija's mom Anda

Zaubes iela
Janis and sons Peteris and Toms


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