BiographiesBaltic history through the lives of individuals

The history of Latvia and the Baltics is usually taught as a compendium of the histories of the foreign powers which conquered the Baltic territories over the centuries, WWII as seen through the narrative of the Holocaust, and little else. We offer a window into that history via the stories of pivotal individuals.

  • Frīdrihs BriedisFrīdrihs Briedis, Aleksandrs Plensners, M. Akmenājs, ed., 1963. Biography of Frīdrihs Briedis (June 23, 1888 – August 28, 1918), a Latvian colonel and the first and one of the most famous Latvian Riflemen commanders. He eventually sided with the Whites against the Bolsheviks, who captured and executed him in 1918. Latvian and English translation.
  • Anatols DinbergsAnatols DinbergsKeeper of Latvia's sovereign continuity throughout the Soviet era and the USSR's occupation of Latvia until the restoration of independence and Latvia's first ambassador to the United States and subsequently to the United Nations.
  • Vilhelms MuntersVilhelms MuntersLatvia's last foreign minister during its first independence, from July 1936 to Soviet occupation, June 1940.

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