A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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Junkers Camp Hospital.

About May 10, 1945, two French Army physicians, Dr. Rougier and Dr. Sirot, were attached to DP Det. No. 54 at Camp Mattenberg, to help in the DP program generally, but they spent much of their time in Junkers Hospital because at that time it was the only one of any size in the area. Dr. Rosenberg of DP Det. No.54 was transferred shortly after the arrival of the French doctors.

Mrs. Shepe says that the hospital had been stripped of its furnishings and equipment by the Germans, but with the help of ten German policemen given her for the purpose by the Burgomeister, she recovered enough sheets, blankets and mattresses, all of which were marked, from the neighboring German houses, to re-equip the hospital. All of this equipment seems to have been stolen again, because Miss Deville, French nurse of UNRRA team 77 then, as now, stationed in Camp Mattenberg, says that the building was bare except for beds when she arrived there on May 13th to nurse typhoid patients from Camp Moenchehof where an epidemic had broken out.

Miss Deville, who was sent to Junkers by Capt. Marye, says that two or three rooms in the center of the hospital had been burned and the walls of the whole building were blackened, while the whole place was permeated with the oder of charred wood. There were only three electric light bulbs in the building, only one toilet which worked, much of the window glass was broken and some of the sashes and doors were missing, there were no sheets, no mattresses, no towels and no blankets except for the blanket in which each of the 17 typhoid cases had been wrapped when sent from Camp Moenchehof.

As there was only one first-aid nurse, Miss Deville asked for help and the following day, May 14th, Capt.Marye sent Miss Annie de Lagotellerie, Principal Welfare Officer of UNRRA Team No.77, a French woman of great character who had taken an important part in the underground movement during the war. She joined Miss Deville's


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