A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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The Dutch and French had been repatriated in June, the Belgians went home in July and many of the Czechs returned to their country the same month, but the remainder did not leave until October and November. In August and September the Greeks were sent to Mittenwald for repatriation, and in August the Italians were also sent home. The Poles, with the exception of a small number, had been sent to other camps in June. The Hungarians were repatriated in November.

In July, 61 Turks arrived and by November their number had increased to 99, dropping to 76 the following month. Yugoslavs increased from 46 on June 1st to 127 on July 6th, their numbers decreasing by transfer or repatriation to 78 in December.

Camp Administration.

Mrs. Shepe left a few days after the arrival of the MMLA team, but Pfc John Getrick continued his invaluable service until his transfer on July 30th. The UNRRA team administration was a loose one, and the DPs were not controlled as closely as desirable, while most of the team work was done by Miss Tabard and Miss Portman. Partly because of lack of administrative experience on the part of the Directory, and, possibly, because of inter-team jealousy, many of the team members seemed to work without sufficient supervision or worked in water-tight compartments. Files and records were incomplete, but reports were satisfactory and submitted promptly.

Food Distribution.

Rations for the DPs were drawn on requisition from the G-5 warehouse in Kassel, and warehoused by a Belgian DP. He issued the food for final distribution to the various nationality leaders or committees, but there was little control of this procedure and records were very inadequate. Hours of issuance were announced in advance but were frequently not observed.


This content transcribes an original report of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), a separate copy of which is filed in the United Nations Archives (UNA), Reference number: S-1021-0081-05, Title: Monographs - DP-US 20 - Displaced Persons - United States Zone (Germany) - Histories of Individual Camps - History Report No. 30, Report: Baltin Camp in Bettenhausen, Kassel by D. F. McGonigal, Date: April 13, 1945. The UNA grants rights to reproduce with attribution. Additionally, this content is protected as a derivative work under Latvian Copyright Law Chapter 2 § 5 ¶ 3 and as part of a collection under Chapter 3 § 5 ¶ 1.2.

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