A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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which now surrounds the process of supplying the camps with firewood, it is interesting to note that Pfc John Hetrick solved the problem in Junkers Camp by typing out an authorization which he signed himself and presenting it to the Head Forester at St. Otilien who allotted him wood lots near Oberkaufungen and Waldau where he proceeded to cut about sixteen cubic meters a day with a detail of Latvian woodcutters. He also arranged for the use of a power saw for two days a week.

Workshop Projects.

A carpenters shop had been set up in June, and in September a cobblers shop, a locksmith shop and a tailors shop were opened. All of these enterprises were severely hampered by the difficulty in obtaining tools and materials.

Trade School.

A drivers school was opened in August which was well planned and well conducted, and was not the refuge for work dodgers which many similar schools in other camps proved to be.


The police force organized by Mrs. Shepe disintegrated at an unknown date and for some months there was no internal protection other than that furnished by the American soldiers on guard around the camp. In October, Miss Tabard organized a police force of 31 persons composed of 21 Latvians, 5 Estonians, 3 Yugoslavs, and 2 Poles, armed only with police clubs. Minor offenders were dealt with as far as possible by the camp staff while more serious cases were turned over to the military. Discipline and order in the camp was good.

Fire Department. 

Fire protection was neglected until November, when Miss Tabard reported that "fire fighting crews are being organised and oriented according to instructions received from UNRRA Hqs". She added that "equipment is being obtained by requisitions through normal channels."


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