A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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An even greater loss was the number of shoes which came loose in sacks without their mates and so were useless except as a source of leather for repairs.

In June, trips of individual supply officers to Hanau were forbidden when the Army took over the warehouse, and shoes, clothing and amenity supplies, were sent directly to the camps by Hanau as available upon the submission of monthly requisitions through the UNRRA District Supply Officer. When the Area Team was established in September, requisitions were funnelled through the Area Supply Officer, who checked them with the camp inventory, made what changes he considered necessary in the light of the inventory and the Table of Organization for DP camps which had been repeated from an earlier army order and included as an enclosure to the order of October 11th., countersigned them, and sent them to the UNRRA District Office at Bad Wildungen which approved them and forwarded them to the Warehouse at Hanau.

Supply - Medical

The shortage of medical supplies became one of the great­est supply problems in 1946. At the beginning of the year, such supplies were being obtained on requisition from the captured enemy medical dump at Ihringshausen, just outside of Kassel, and this dump, supplemented by material from the dump at Fulda, was able to fill 90% of the requisitions. The German Major who had been in charge of the dump under the Germans had stayed on in a subordinate capacity under the Americans, but he was given a certain amount of discretion, and as he was a doctor with an understanding of medical needs, he was very helpful. About the beginning of February, the American Lieut­enant in command of the dump informed the local Field Supervisor that he would be turning it over on the 15th. to another unit, and as issues would then cease from Ihringshausen and as there might be


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