A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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JANUARY 1st. to APRIL 2nd.,1947


The fourth phase opened on January 1st. with increased work for the two surviving Class I UNRRA employees and the two Class IIs, as well as for the Camp Committee and the DPs generally.

The police force sent eight of its members to a police school in Allendorf in February and the following month opened a similar course for the other members of the Junkers police. The new wood­cutting program started on March 17th. On March 20th. the Hospital was made a Class I Hospital by Zone H.Q. with permission to perform major operations, and at the beginning of April it appeared that the building for contagious cases would be completed in a few weeks. Dr. van Ackere continued her graphs depicting fluctuations in body 7/
weights among the various age and sex groups, and copies are enclosed, together with copies of the current weekly food issue statements posted in each barrack in the camp. Employment continued to increase, schools and other forms of cultural and community life flourished, and on the whole, life was relatively uneventful as life goes in a DP camp, although how relative that can be may be gathered 9/ from the attached account of a typical day in the life of an UNRRA team worker which Mme. Laborde has been good enough to contribute.

Certain events and developments took place during this period which are worthy of separate mention and they are dealt with below. The camp population at this date is shown in the following table which gives figures from the beginning of the camp to the present.

This content transcribes an original report of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), a separate copy of which is filed in the United Nations Archives (UNA), Reference number: S-1021-0081-05, Title: Monographs - DP-US 20 - Displaced Persons - United States Zone (Germany) - Histories of Individual Camps - History Report No. 30, Report: Baltin Camp in Bettenhausen, Kassel by D. F. McGonigal, Date: April 13, 1945. The UNA grants rights to reproduce with attribution. Additionally, this content is protected as a derivative work under Latvian Copyright Law Chapter 2 § 5 ¶ 3 and as part of a collection under Chapter 3 § 5 ¶ 1.2.

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