A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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of the committee were elected by a large majority. They were Professor Roze, President of the People's University; Dr. Rutsroka, Professor of Mathematics and the Rev. Chops, Lutheran pastor.

Selection of Camp Administrators.

On the following day, the Council submitted its list of a Camp Director and eight other administrators, and also outlined the functions of the committee in a way which would give it power to interfere and control the administration of the camp. Six of the nine administrators were committee members. Mme. Laborde refused to accept their version of the functions of the committee, pointing out that it should be for purely cultural purposes and for relations with the Central Committee, and she refused to accept the nominations of four of the administrators; the camp doctor because he was head of the hospital, the welfare officer because he already had a more important full-time job as head of the elementary school, the employ­ment officer because his committee duties as liaison officer with the Central Committee involved long absences from camp, and the warehouse officer because she did not trust him.

The following day, the committee submitted a second list in which the names of the welfare and employment officers had been reversed and it was again rejected. THe committee president, who had been named as camp directory, sent back the same list with the statement that he refused to work without the two men named for employment and welfare. Mme. Laborde informed him that if he didn't want to function as camp director, it was all right with her, and she rejected the list again.

It began to look as if the experiment would blow up before it got well started, but the camp population knew that Mme. Laborde would not move from any stand she considered right because of any form of pressure, and that evening they held a mass meeting which went on for hours and during which all kinds of charge and counter-charges were made, and much dirty linen washed in public.


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