These Names AccuseLatvian National Foundation, second edition, 1982

Appendix 4

All Aboard Riga, Destination Krasnoyarsk

City of RIGA  - to Comrade SEROV
- to Comrade AVAKUMOV
1. Krasnoyarsk District (Oblast), to station Kansk,
Krasnoyarsk Rail Road
1400 peo.
2. Station Klyukvennaya Krasnoyarsk R.R. 1200 peo.
3. Station Glyadon, Krasnoyarsk R.R. 850 peo.
4. Station Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk R.R. 900 peo.
5. Station Bogotov, Krasnoyarsk R.R. 500 peo.
6. Station Yenisci, Krasnoyarsk, R.R. 2050 peo.
7. To station Osokarovka, Karagandinsk R.R. 185 peo.
8. To station Karyak, Karagandinsk R.R. 70 peo.
9 . To station Karaganda, Karagandinsk R.R. 65 peo.
10. Station Akmolinsk, Karagandinsk R.R. 130 peo.
Single heads:
11. Station Bobinino, Little Kiev R.R. 5000 peo.
12. Station Solikamsk, Permskaya R.R. - criminals 805 peo.
13. Station Kuksa, Severnaya (Northern) R.R. - criminals 1100 peo.
14. Station Novosibirsk, Tomskaya R.R. 2000 peo.

Instructions to Comrade Serov and Avakumov of the Peoples Commissariat of the Interior (NKVD) concerning the destination of trains of deportees from Latvia in June 1941.

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