These Names AccuseLatvian National Foundation, second edition, 1982

Key to List of Names

The First Mass Deportations

The following data is given for each Latvian citizen registered:

  1. Registration and group number
    The registration number is the number of the card, under which the registered person in question is to be found in the card-index of the Information Bureau of the People's Relief. The group number (2, 3 or 4) indicates the circumstances, under which the person in question was deported:
    • Nr. 2 meaning that he was deported during the mass action of June 13/14, 1941,
    • Nr. 3 - arrested, removed from prison.
    • Nr. 4 - missing since the last days of the bolshevik rule (mostly military persons, employees and officials of communication and transport services, etc. who were evacuated by force to Soviet Russia).
    Children who were deported simultaneously with their parents are mostly to be found on the list under their parents' (father's or mother's) number.
  2. Family name, Christian name.
  3. Date and place of birth.
  4. Last address.

The data of those persons who were not reported by their relatives for registration, but who were registered on the ground of the data found in prison documents, etc., very often lack the last address. The same applies to military persons.

In case the registered persons' whereabouts in exile were traced (or letters received from them there), a remark to this effect is to be found on the list, for example "deported to Karaganda".

The list was compiled during the German occupation by the Latvian Relief Organization ("Tautas palidziba"), a substitute for the Latvian Red Cross, which was closed down, hence all explanatory remarks were made in German.

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