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Issue Date
25 December 1999 Our little Latvian elf bids all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Latvian Folk Costumes
18 December 1999

Latvian ambassador to the U.S., Ojars Kalnins, retires

Bastejkalns in warmer days, 1993
Baltic Historical Maps
11 December 1999 The Riga Bourse from a century ago
Latvian Photos
5 December 1999 In commemoration of the recently passed Miruso Pieminas Diena
Windmill (Painting)
Latvian Military History, WWI to Independence
28 November 1999 The sculpture park of Indulis Rankis in the Pardaugava area of Riga
N.A.T.O. and
"Kas Jauns Latvija"
20 November 1999
Treachery—no other word for it—of the Russian Duma tops the news! Editorial—What were the facts surrounding the loss of Baltic independence?
  • Dates in history, November 18, 1918
  • Vote on Latvian pensions
  • Russian envoy complains at U.N. about silence over “evident discrimination” against Russians in Estonia and Latvia; On campaign trail, Gore warns of dangers from a weak Russia and recommends “not turning our backs”
  • Estonia joins the WTO
  • Russian Duma slaps trade sanctions on Latvia (Reuters report)
  • Same, reported by Itar-Tass
  • Latvia regrets Duma actions
  • Vaira Vike-Freiberga says building up Latvia should be the priority for all ethnic groups; repeats importance of joining NATO
  • Soviet—oops, Russian—Duma decries Latvian language law, reminds the Latvian Saima that Latvia's membership in the USSR “was grounded by fact and by law”
“The Three Brothers”
Old Riga
October 1993
A Library of Congress overview of Latvia
14 November 1999
Lat Chat Contest Quiz Answers and Winners!
A bit of color in Old Riga
October 1993
Latvian songs.
6 November 1999
  • Controversy over the fate of 3,000 to 4,000 Soviet-era informer cards still filed away in Latvia
  • The three Baltic states urge acceleration of EU and NATO memberships for themselves
  • Latvia votes against Russian anti-U.S. ABM resolution at the U.N.; Yeltsin threatens U.S.
Domu Baznica (Church) Square by night
October 1999
Courland (Latvia)
The flags of Courland (Kurzeme)
30 October 1999 The sun setting in Riga over the Vansu Tilts (Bridge)
October 1999
The Baltic Heritage Page
Baltic history, pagan customs and beliefs
24 October 1999
And... You Might Be a Latvian If... Part Deux
A view from Turaida's castle tower (Sigulda)
October 1999
Baltic Nationalities (IBS)
Baltic history
20 October 1999

6 October 1999
“AOL Lat Chat” Contest Reminder

30 September 1999
“AOL Lat Chat” Contest
Mordanga's Lakes, Peters' first visit in November 1992
The Latvian Language - II
24 September 1999
And... Indications you might be Latvian
Alexander Boulevard (Brivibas Iela), late 1800's
Latvian Mythology (Index A - Z)
18 September 1999
  • Baltics to Decrease Energy Dependence on Russia
  • Latvia Seals Deal with IMF
  • Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga in the U.S. 9/20 to 9/25
And... Things Latvian-Americans don't say
Riga Spires, seen from the Universal-
veikals, 1993
Latvian Translation
11 September 1999
  • Ukraine's president Urges Against a "Paper Curtain"
  • North Atlantic Assembly Chairman in Riga
Old Riga, seen from atop St. Peter's, 1993
The Latvian Language
29 August 1999
  • Bomb Explodes in Front of Gutta Shop
  • Latvia Language Situation Improves
  • Baltic Way 10th Anniversary
Riga, Dom Church, 1997
22 August 1999
  • Privatization Issues Impact Government
  • "Y2K" at Lithuania's Chernobyl Style Nuclear Plant
Riga, Brivibas Iela bridge, 1997
14 August 1999
  • Russian human rights commissioner Oleg Mironov complains about Latvia
  • U.S. backs up admission of several former Soviet republics (except Russia), to the World Trade Organisation
Melgalvju Nams, late 1800's
1 August 1999
  • Wild mushrooms contaminated with radiation from Chernobyl; contamination may be rising in certain species.
The Gulf of Riga seashore at Vecaki, 1993

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