Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Actors center stage
Curtain call
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The sets were simple, but effective. Being a "tourist" lets me take a few liberties now and then, like taking a picture of the show, at left. During intermission, Gaida, my mom, and my aunt Laura pause for a picture in our box. Finally, multiple curtain calls to enthusiastic applause. The big guy in the middle wearing the white jacket is Karlis Sebris, a relative. Small place, this Latvia.

Below, the cover and first page of the program listing the roles and actors. Anslavs Eglitis (An-shlavs Eg-lee-tiss), a popular contemporary Latvian author, was playwright of this evening's comedy, "Shameless Old Men." The plot revolved around three (exiled) pensioners discovering male bonding in their retirement years, dealing with their hippie children, and affecting their families and friends in the most unexpected ways. (Like Eglitis, and my own parents, they were Latvians who fled to America after the war.)

The play (detail)
The players (detail from album)

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