Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Perlu dzirnavas

Perlu Dzirnavas

At first, Laura and my mom didn't even recognize it. A second floor had been added where there was once a porch, and the road had been moved and regraded much higher and much closer to the house. The owner was the daughter of the people who bought the mill from my grandfather. She had just reclaimed it and was going to try and restore it. We were sorry to hear she wasn't home - her workman invited us in to look around.

Around back, Gaida and Maris take in the scene. My mom points out to an island they used to wade out to and play hide and seek. In the other direction, there's a small cabin across the lake. Walking down to the end of the mill, I see what used to be a foundation for something. Déja vu.

Gaida and Maris out in back
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Mom pointing to where they used to swim out to
Another view out back
Nothing left where the turbine was

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