Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

Page 33

I take a closer look, and sure enough, the water turbine housing has been razed. I look inside where the machinery used to be. Wiped clean. By the lake, rough-sawn boards intrude on the view. They mean to rebuild here, but it's grim. Going back round to the front, a gully leads down to the lumber saw. The road used to be just as low. Sawn wood came out where the arch is and was loaded on to waiting horse-drawn carts. The waterfall over the dam is just water cascading over the turbine bypass. And the turbine channel itself has been all poured shut with gravel.

It's a scenic view.But, almost exactly like Mordanga, its owner has reclaimed the daunting task of resurrecting a near-ruin.

"One minute gives invention to destroy;
What to rebuild, will a whole age employ."

The end of the mill, demolished
Where machinery hummed, emptiness
Page 34
Boards stacked, waiting to be used
The sawmill used to be down below
The scenic view masks the destruction

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