Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Opposite the Dom is the national radio station; we passed it on the way to the theater the other day. A closer look at the ornate facade shows reveals patched bullet holes, unsettling reminders of events here only a few years ago.

The afternoon sunlight brings a comforting warmth to the city as elegant sculptures preside over the streets below. The Dom beckons. I'm eager to visit inside again (over). I ante the entrance fee and photo permit. It's pretty dark inside, so here I am proping up the front of my camera with spare change, balancing it on pews, setting the self-timer to push the shutter and hoping no one gets in the way. Can you say "tourist"? It takes work to bring back this many pictures! (But a mere fraction of the work sorting through them to make an album. I'm seriously considering the proposition that I'm my own worst enemy!)

Riga radio
Pockmarks from Soviet bullets
Page 46
Jugendstil in the setting sun
Same view, taking in more
The Dom beckons

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