Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Velna Ala

Our next stop was Velna Ala, Devil's Cave. First we found Velna Akmens, Devil's Rock. Gaida and my mom climbed up for a picture. Laura was less adventurous (she was saving her energy for later). Behind me, the "road" which took us here -and this is a marked tourist site! Next is my mom taking my picture. That hair! And how about that equally scary view down the ravine - Laura started to go down and then crawled back up on all fours! The Devil's Cave is down there, somewhere. The industrial town of Kandava was our final stop; we shopped at its department store, and I bought some balsam (a native brew) at a local outlet. There weren't any sights to see. With that, we headed home.

At bottom, a souvenir of sorts. This particular balzams label comes from a bottle Gaida gave me, one left from Russian times. A toast to the demise of a real devil!

Gaida and mom on Devil's Rock, and Laura
We barely made it in by car
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Me and bad hair by Devil's Rock
Laura started climbing down!
Balsam, a toast to the devil

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