Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

Page 79

As I drove along, wide, rolling fields under a big sky replaced the water. There was a whole new vista at every turn. Sometimes I would get back in the car, drive a hundred yards, and get back out for another picture. It rained for a few moments, but the sun quickly returned and lit the fields with a golden glow. In a few places the hay still waited to be cut; in most it was plowed and bundled. Up the low rise stands a farmhouse surrounded by trees to help keep it cool in summer and to break the frigid winds in winter. Speaking of winter, the sun suddenly disappeared, and it began to snow! This was too bizarre - sunshine, then the very first snow of the season. I felt like Mother Nature had nothing better to do than toy with my brain!

My safari wraps up with cows (over) and the farm up the road. I follow the sign home. Here's one more look at that big sky.

Up the road from Mordanga
Up the road from Mordanga, my favorite hay bale picture
Page 80
Closer look at a farmhouse
It starts snowing!
REALLY snowing!

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