Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

Page 87

My Last Night Out in the Country

I take I one last evening stroll as dusk settles. Tommorow to Kuldiga and back to Riga; the day after, home. Time has really flown by this trip. I didn't get to see Lorraine and Josh again or to meet Andris Vecrumba. No relation, but he is the computer guru(!) for Olympia Bank in Riga. (It's a long story, from my first trip. Out of sequence, you'll have to read about it in a future album.) What's in a name? Maybe more than you might think!

Sheep blur as they amble along. The moon hides out behind the clouds, casting a soft rainbow. In the mill house, the light's on; Gaida, Laura, and my mom chat away by the light of the single bulb. Last, the kitchen, resplendent in its own way, and my mom ready with her flashlight to head to Janis' and Ruta's for dinner.

Sheep amble in the twilight
The moon hiding
Page 88
A solitary light glows
Around the kitchen table
Mom in the kitchen

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