Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

Page 89
An eerie moon lights our way

No need for flashlights on the way over - the moon illuminates our way through a bizarre mosaic of clouds. (And if you turn the picture upside down, it now looks like an eerily clear image of the moon reflecting off frothing ocean surf!)

After another filling dinner of good, solid food - I don't suppose I've mentioned yet that based on my weight gain during the trip, I ate enough for two of me all the time I was there - Ruta and Janis asked me to take a few pictures. First I checked on Liene, but she was still feeling her cold a bit, not really up for a picture. Aris, on the other hand, struck a handsome thinking man's pose for me, using the fold-away dining room table for support and vase for a prop, his ideas. Below, Gaida with her brother, Janis, and his wife, Ruta; and Janis and Ruta with Ruta's grandchildren, Aris and Liene, doing better, but still not quite her perky self.

Liene being a bit bashful
Page 90
Aris strikes a thoughtful pose
Gaida, Janis, and Ruta
Janis, Ruta and Liene and Aris

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