Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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The mill house, much cleaned up

The place is looking good. We did an major cleanup a few days ago. Off came the rusted mailboxes and everything else nailed to the front. We cleaned up the outside and even raked off the grass growing on the porch roof. It's a good start. We were all kind of pictured out, so we just packed up and hit the road for Kuldiga, 30 km to the southwest, where my dad grew up. After my last trip, I sent copies of all my documents to do an archive search to put in a claim for the family land, Zelgi (ZEL-dyi). Now I had to file the search results in person. The total recorded land in 1939 was 109.79 "purvietas." But there was a net loss of 130 square meters in 1940, and my father's papers from 1943 (top next) show 51.385 hectares (127 acres), so I'm confused. Who knows, I might be a land baron complete with fishing rights, from the 1700's, to a piece of the waterfalls (to put out salmon baskets during their run)! Last, some more big sky (360°) along the way.

Document (detail from album)
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Document (detail from album)
Document (detail from album)
In the album, a fold-out 360° panorama

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