A Day at the Rīga Zoo(dārzs)The Mežaparks Stop on the No. 11 Tram


There are plenty of our furry friends to visit as well. Some cute, some not... and some, perhaps, just merely misunderstood... (Click on the thumbnails to view full size!)

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These camels pretty much set the tone for man and beast alike: Find shade. Lie down in shade. If shade moves, move with shade.

It's got to be hot in those wool coats!

I've seen bison before, but never this close. They are huge!
Guna says... this is actually the musk ox, ovibus mochiatus

No zoo would be complete without monkeys! There are plenty to go around!

The zoo is working diligently to improve conditions. But many of the larger animals still live in rows of small attached stables connecting out to narrow dirt runs.

The tigers have one of the largest expanses of territory...

...that's because they have corporate sponsorship. This works for the "popular" animals, but less so for many more interesting (my opinion) zoo inhabitants.

Bad puns... Itching to cool off... the heat is unbearable...

I think the heat is making everyone a bit itchy at this point!

Grazing contentedly in the shade is, as Guna pointed out, a llama, lama glama. Unfortunately I guessed alpaca originally.

This furry fellow is a capybara, native to South America, Barbara tells me!

The camels are still there. They have their act together and they are not taking it on the road!

The sheep and goats have their own house and yard, and the kids can come pet them.

And who could resist petting a sweetie like this?

On the other end of the adorable and pettable spectrum is this surly looking fellow.

He saw me. He doesn't like me. He's coming to let me know.

He's kicking up dirt, picking up speed...

...I take the hint that I've overstayed my welcome!
Or, maybe like my impression of the vulture, it's all in my mind. He just wants to make sure I take a nice close-up!

Grant Wood's American Gothic has nothing on this classic pose.

The ultimate "fuzzy wuzzy?"
A building supply company "initiated and sponsored" a project to obtain the lesser (red) panda. "A portion of each purchase goes toward..."

Now for something a bit different. Let's see how good you are at knowing your furry friends! Here's a set of lanky legs... what animal do they belong do? Bambi, perhaps?
Our thanks to Guna Vitola for the picture!

Guess the animal!

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