Tracing My RootsOctober 1994

Searching Out Family Roots—Pictures and Album

The highlight of this, my third trip, was making it out to Vidzeme to see where it all started—my grandfather's first mill, the church where my grandparents were married, where my mom and her sister Laura went to grammar school. I was amazed how well my aunt Laura was able to find her way around!

And, as you can see from the pictures, I also had some time to wander around Riga as well.

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Below, some favorite pictures from this trip, scanned at various times.

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Two Ruble Lake (Near Mordanga)
Nearby is Two Ruble Lake, so named because the property owner used to charge the locals 2 rubles for fishing rights.
Two Ruble Lake
Another view of the lake--it was too difficult to pick just one picture!
Riga's Jungendstil Architecture
Peters got to wander around Riga as well, reinforcing his love for Riga's architecture.
Suburbs, just beyond Vecaki
Peters missed his bus stop and rode into the next town--this is a view along the way back.
Canal Park
Autumn leaves were still vibrant with color along the city canal--this was a far milder fall than usual!
The road to Dravnieki
Dravnieki is Peters' mother's cousin's Arturs' birthplace in Vidzeme, and still home to their collective earliest memories
Vēju Dzirnavas
Peters' grandfather, Jānis Ķulle, was a miller. We visited his first mill, a windmill, in Vidzeme, near Velēna. This was where it all started, when he was 20, in 1888. It's now a museum dedicated to local personalities and a popular place to hold weddings.
Hay Bale
A view along the back road from Mordanga to Stende. This picture remains one of Peters' favorites!
Home Cooking
Irma, Peters' mom, in her parents' kitchen in the mill house in Mordanga
Mordanga (Peters' Grandfather's second watermill)
Later, Peters' mother's family relocated the family to Kurzeme. Here is Peters' grandparent's third, and final, mill and home, "Mordangas Dzirnavas", at twilight
Pērļu Dzirnavas
(Peters' Grandfather's first watermill) Around the turn of the century, Peters' grandparents moved not far away from Lizums to Pērļu Dzirnavas, a water-mill, just down the road from Druviena, still in Vidzeme. When we visited, it had just been reclaimed by the daughter of the owner to whom Peters' grandfather had sold the mill before moving to Kurzeme. Peters' mother and aunt Laura were born here.
Pērļu Dzirnavas
Another view of the front of the mill from further down the road
Radio Stacija
The radio station building in Old Riga, facing the Dom Church Square. The pock-marks of Soviet bullets attempting to quell the independence movement can just be barely made out in several places.
The Abava River
This scenic spot is along the Abava river in Sabile, in Kurzeme. It's along the road from Riga to Kuldiga.
Peters' Grandparents (Mom's Side)
And here they are, Peters' grandparents. Peters rephotographed these pictures which his aunt Laura had saved when the family was taken to Siberia. (Thankfully, Peters' parents weren't home at the time!) Someday, Peters hopes one of his albums will include finding and visiting his grandparents' unmarked grave, under a stand of trees, about 30 kilometers outside of Krasnoyarsk.
Velena Church
The church in Velena, Velenas Baznica, now a registered national landmark. Peters' grandparents (mom's parents) were married here, and the Kulle family plot is in the church cemetary.
Veju Dzirnavas
Another view of Peters' grandfather's windmill--Peters looking up and recalling his mother telling the story of the time his grandfather fell off while repairing the sails!

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