Rīga and Kuldīga Autumn ColorsOctober 1996

Autumn is probably Peters' favorite time in Latvia--it's the best time of year to catch up on lost sleep... the days are getting shorter, so the sun isn't streaming in at 2:00am to wake you up, and the mosquitos are long gone!

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Canal Park
Pedestrians scurry along through cool autumn drizzle.

Milda, atop the Freedom Monument, looks down on the golden autumn leaves

Dodging the raindrops with the Orthodox Cathedral in the background

Canal Park
A view from one of the bridges over the canal.

Canal Park
A couple strolls along, enjoying their quiet time together, thanks to the weather.

Canal Park
These figures dance gracefully and joyously no matter what the weather!

This balcony, off Herder Square in Old Riga, still exudes its grandeur despite the ravages of time.

Old Riga Street
Scurrying through the rain seems to be a theme!

Old Riga Street
A wide perspective down the narrow streets.

Pub and Consulate
The Irish Pub, across the street from the ornate Jugenstil Italian consulate.

Janu Seta
Everything is put away for the autumn and winter. Food and drink will return in the spring and summer.

Sv. Janu Baznica
The spire of St. John's Church

Petera Baznica
The spire of St. Peter's Church disappears into the fog and mist.

Petera Baznica
A closer view of the spire ascending.

Kuldiga, 1745
A metal sign hangs on this obviously very old wood building. How amazing it would look if it were restored!

Kuldiga, 1745
A closer look at the sign.

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