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We're always looking for better ways to represent and navigate our growing site.

Some time ago we came across a tool through our workplace, Lucidchart, which purports to have "rethought" the diagramming process. We took it for a test drive and, after some [after hours!] false starts and redesign, came up with something quite useful, we believe. We also acknowledge that this view of our site content has its germination in a retired professional librarian's diagram from a conference on the preservation of Latvian exile "trimda" materials. Our access to the tool has gone away, however; hopefully it's all still out there in the cloud—we're considering paying Google their $5/month ransom, which would give us access to Google apps and include "free" access to Lucidchart.

Once we managed to uncross all the lines, it all did seem to make a bit more sense to us. The gray is a place-holder for a future travel section.

As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to contact [at]

[1]As of June 2, 2016.

Updated: July, 2016

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