Autumn Colors in RīgaOctober, 2004

Autumn extends its golden hues even to the urban decay still prevalent in Rīga once you journey beyond its center, while the light rain saturates the otherwise mundane and gray with depth and color.

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Our home stop on the #11 tram

Just across the street from our home tram stop

Kisezers, at the end of the #11 line

Kisezers, at the end of the #11 line

Along Miera iela

Along Miera iela, pilaster detail

Along Hospitalu iela, where it meets Miera iela

Along Astrida Briana iela

Along Astrida Briana iela (pretty sure)

Brāļu Kapi, horsemen flanking entrance at right

Brāļu Kapi, horsemen flanking entrance at left

Brāļu Kapi, remains, "Peters" was apparently not always a Latvian misspelling

Brāļu Kapi, hawk in bas relief

Brāļu Kapi, guardians at the side gate along Varonu iela

We couldn't decide which of three pictures of a solitary figure strolling along we liked best and settled for all three

Viesturdarzs in fall

Viesturdarzs in fall

George Washington (!) park adjoining Viesturdarzs

Exportosta, port along Exporta iela, across the tracks

Exportosta, port along Exporta iela, across the tracks

Exportosta, lingering while off to our left Mafia types in black coats, black Mercedes, and high-heeled mink clad women on their arm discuss business

Export iela at the corner of Petersalas iela

House at the corner of Katrindambis (facing) and Petersalas iela (off to right)

No. 11 Petersalas iela

North along Sermulina iela approaching Piena iela

Corner of Piena iela and Sermulina iela

Sad buildings along Piena iela

More of sad buildings along Piena iela

Some of the dilapidated buildings here look like they might have dated to Piena iela's origins (named in 1846)

The Soviet era was not kind to Riga

The destitute rummage through dumsters along Katerinas iela

Old Riga, Pharmacy Museum

More and more of Old Riga exudes its pre-war grandeur

Mucenieku iela

Old Riga, view facing east along Klostera iela

Old Riga, Klostera iela restored

Old Riga, Jekaba iela

Old Riga, Not quite sure which street, though

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Riga, Canal park

Old Riga, Konventa seta

Old Riga, Konventa seta

Old Riga, Konventa seta

Old Riga, Konventa seta

Old Riga, A view toward St. Peter's church from Kungu iela

Old Riga, Ratslaukums

Old Riga, Closeup of the rebuilt House of the Blackheads

Old Riga, The view toward Ratslaukums from the other side, from behind the Museum of the Occupation

Pārdaugava view of Old Riga from across the Daugava

Pardaugava park along Uzvaras iela—"uzvara", victory, originally referred to Latvia's war of independence and victory over the Bermontians; repurposed by the Soviets for victory over Nazi Germany

Pardaugava flowers laid at the monument to Soviet victory: "To the Liberators of Riga / The Riga City Council Harmony Party Faction" — clearly, "Harmony" is the political code word for Soviet glorification and occupation denial

Pārdaugava monument to Soviet victory, "Padomju Latvijas un Rīgas atbrīvotājiem no vācu fašistiskajiem iebrucējiem" — To the liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German fascist invaders

Updated: February, 2018

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