Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Our quest moved on. We found the house where Arturs grew up, "Dravnieki." We follow the road in. The house hasn't changed much. Arturs is reclaiming it because all the land adjoining his current house is being reclaimed, and you need land to grow your own food. Dravnieki was never sold, so he can claim both house and land. Here, the road leading in; my mom in front of the house; Laura and my mom scout the property; the original (stand-alone) cellar, and an old horse-drawn hay rake.

I remember growing up, spending summer vacation with Arturs' mother, Minna, and sister, Edite, in Hudson. And his sister Erna came to live with us to help out after my father died. They were my "aunts." And Arturs' mom was my "Vecmamina," Grandma.

The road to Dravnieki
Mom and aunt Laura inspect Dravnieki
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Mom in front fo the Dravnieki house (brand new before the war)
The old underground cellar
Horse drawn rake

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