Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Liene still being bashful

It looks like I'll get a picture of Liene after all. Pillow abandoned, she looks right in the camera with her best smile. I wish I could say it's the charismatic family genes, myself excepted, but no. Their mom Ginta is Ruta's daughter by her first marriage. (Janis is Ruta's "Number Two.") Ginta works in Riga during the week and comes out on weekends. And Ugis (UD-yis), Ginta's ex, often visits on week-ends and helps out. No wonder Janis prefers Ugis to Ginta's new boyfriend, who spends his time lazing around and being generally unhelpful. In fact, Janis told him not to bother showing up. There's always a story with my relatives!

Aris showed me his tapes; then it was time for good nights. Liene graciously presented us with some of her artwork. Back at the mill house, Gaida, Laura, and my mom chat away. (Oh, that small porcelained basin on the chair behind my mom was my tub!)

Persistence pays off!
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Liene's artwork
Liene's artwork
Back at the mill house

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