Peters Traces His RootsOctober, 1994

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Heading to Mordanga

The next day was a traveling day. Maris picked me up early and took me to Vecaki to drive back his borrowed VW Golf through morning traffic in Riga (only my second time driving a standard); we needed a second car to haul all our stuff. The passengers and furniture went with Maris. I took everything else. Here I show off our loaded caravan; below, my back-seat companions, a basket of ducklings. The weather was beautiful for our long drive out; that's Maris up ahead of me on the road. The last two pictures are of my grand-parents' old bedroom in the mill - you can see why we brought along our own furniture. We came prepared! Along the way, Maris even spotted and bought our evening's dinner, smoked flounder, at a roadside stand. (Just in case, we did bring along a stove and a 200 pound propane tank.)

The caravan is ready
Ducklings through the net
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A beautiful drive
Grandparents' beadroom in the old mill house (looking right)
Grandparents' beadroom in the old mill house (looking left)

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