A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)


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building repaired. He also helped in obtaining fuel and special food stuffs.

Summary of Accomplishment during the First Phase.

A great deal remained to be done at the end of June before Junkers Camp, which had by then increased to over 700 persons, could be considered well equipped and well organized, but much less had been accomplished in those directions in the face of great difficulties. In view of the current emphasis on the administration of DP camps by the DPs themselves, it is interesting to note that Junkers Camp was administered by a DP from its start on April 5th until arrival of an MMLA team on July 1st. It is true that the UNRRA workers in the hospital unite in asserting that Pfc John Hetrick was the real camp commander and accomplished much more than Mrs. Shepe, but their experience was largely confined to the hospital and their view may be colored by their dislike for Mrs. Shepe. Unfortunately, in spite of her undoubted ability, Mrs. Shepe has, for one reason or another, inspired [1] dislike among some[2] of her colleagues in Junkers Camp, and at Camp Mattenberg on Team No. 77.

Mrs. Shepe has a certificate dated July 24th, 1945 from Capt. Marye expressing appreciation for her work as camp commander. She says that in the early days she worked 18 hours a day. The Latvians interviewed now say that they did not like her at first, but were sorry to see her leave and executed a petition requesting that she be kept there. She herself says that she did not wish to stay on after the arrival of the MMLA team, and she went to Camp Mattenberg a few days after their arrival.

It seems that in view of her knowledge of Junkers Camp and its inmates under the Germans, and because of her knowledge of languages her unusual energy, drive, initiative and intelligence, Mrs. Shepe was probably the ideal camp commander in spite of any failings she may have had, for the first phase of the camp.


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