A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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Bad Wiessee Training School

During the first half of December, Mme. Laborde lectured at the Bad Wiessee Training School for DPs and Class II employees, and she attended every lecture and discussion group. She was greatly impressed by the school, and made a point of sending committee mem­bers to attend its courses.

Area Team

With the formation of the Area Team in September, Junkers Camp became known by its Army number of 525, and UNRRA Team 717 ceased to exist as such and became a part of Area team No. 5, later assigned the number 1024, with headquarters in Kassel in the office of the former Field Supervisor.

Miss Serchuk went to Area Team No. 6 (later known as 1025) as Administrative Assistant; Mr. Hansum, team Supply Officer, was appointed Area Warehouse Officer, but was permitted to remain in the camp and spend part of his time on his team duties. Dr. van Ackere was made Area Medical Officer, but was also permitted to remain in camp and carry on her hospital in addition to her area duties. Thanks to her prodigious energy, the Doctor was able to do both jobs satisfactorily, but it was found in the case of Mr. Hansum, as with three other area officers who had been permitted to work part time in the camp, that the demands of the camp work were so immediate and pressing that they tended to supersede area activity. Accord­ingly, Mr. Hansum, along with three others, was ordered to give up all camp duties at the end of the year and to devote all his time to his area warehousing assignment. This left Mme. Laborde with only Miss Ferreira, Welfare Officer, and two Class II employees.

Evaluation of Third Phase

During 1946, the camp administration, under the firm and wise


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