A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

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garage by DP mechanics. A certain amount of repair work was done by UNRRA Motor Pool No. 2 in Kassel, but it was handicapped by a shortage of spare parts and personnel.

In the early part of 1946, it was possible to drive into one of the army dumps in Kassel and get for the asking, used tires in good condition which had been left about in heaps by army units caught in the stampede for redeployment. Later the official pro­cedure was to requisition tires from the Motor Pool.

UNRRA Team 717 at Junkers camp was able to keep going the civilian cars it largely depended upon for personnel transportation by having them repaired in German garages, and UNNRA paid these bill from the impresst[1] account held by each Camp Director in those days until early 1946, when Military Government decreed that such services were a drain upon the German economy which could not be tolerated, after which UNRRA ceased paying these bills. Since that time, such bills have usually been paid by the Camp Director or other team mem­ber concerned out of his own pocket, and Junker Camp has been no exception since the cars have been essential to the operation of the camp and they can not be repaired in most cases in other than German garages because of the lack of spare parts.

A reshuffle of transport made on December 13th. as a result of the establishment of the Area Team, left Junkers Camp with two GMC 6 by 6 trucks, one Dodge Ambulance, two Weapons Carriers, one Canadian Ford 3/4 ton truck, one command car, one Opel sedan, and one Hanomag sedan. Dr. van Ackere, as Area Medical Officer, was assigned a jeep.


Under Dr. van Ackere's extremely competent and energetic direction, the hospital and its services continued to improve during 1946. Medical entries on DP 2 cards and other medical records were


[1]imprest, money used in a business to pay for small things
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