A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)


  (A )

Introduction 1
Photographs 1 & 2
  First Phase (April 5th. - July 1st., 1945)         3  
Junkers Camp under the Germans 3
Liberation 3
Establishment of present Camp by Mrs. Anni Shepe 3
The first Displaced Persons in Junkers Camp 4
Supply and Transport 4
Military Control of Camp 4
Food Supply and Distribution 5
Security and Camp Police 6
Arrival of First Balts 7
Camp Administration and Latvian self-government 8
Latvian Club 8
Repatriation 8
Junkers Camp Hospital 9
Summary of Accomplishments during the First Phase 11
  Second Phase (July 1st. to December 31st., 1945)  13  
MMLA (Mission Militaire pur le Liaison Alliee)13
Camp Population14
Camp Administration15
Food Distribution15
Clothing Distribution15
Sanitation and Camp Maintenance16
Workshop Projects18
Trade School18
Fire Department18
DP Administration & Organization21
Latvian Administration21
Estonian Administration21
Religious Services22
Boy Scout and Girl Guides22
Latvian Choir22
Theater Group & National Dances22
Sports and Recreation23
Relations with the Military24
Departure of the MMLA Team25
Evaluation of Accomplishments during Second Phase27
  Third Phase (January 1st.-Dec.31st.,1946)         28  
The New UNRRA Team28
Mme. Maria N. Laborde29
Population Shifts and Repatriation29
Condition of Junkers Camp in 194630
Clothing Warehouse and Issue31
Workers P.X.31
Camp Maintenance32
Work Shop Projects32
Food Issue and Food Warehouse32
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