A Short History of Junkers Camp, Bettenhausen, KasselDonald F. McGonigal, UNRRA, 1947 (monograph)

Maria N. LabordeFrenchDirector

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JANUARY 1st. to DECEMBER 31st. 1946

The New UNRRA Team

On January 2nd., 1946, Mme. Maria N. Laborde arrived at Junkers to act as Director during the absence of the MMLA team, whose demobilization from the French Army and reengagement by UNRRA was not taking place as quickly as expected. She was accompanied by Mr. Herman H. Jungeling as Supply Officer, and they were joined the following day by Miss M. de G. Nin Ferreira, Welfare Officer from Team 77 at Camp Mattenberg. The following table shows the composition of the team at that time and the changes which occurred during 1946.

Maria N. LabordeFrenchDirector
Herman H. JungelingNether­landerSupply Officer, later promoted to Dep. Director. Resigned end of March.
Cecile van AckereBelgianMedical officer
M.de G. Nin Ferreira   BrazilianPrincipal Welfare Officer
Jan HansumNether­landerWarehouse Officer, later promoted to Supply OFficer. Arrived February 20th. Appointed Area Warehouse Off. in Sept. and worked part-time at that job until end of year when he left team to work full time at Area assignment.
Alberta SerchuckU.S.A.Administrative Assistant. Assigned to team beginning of July and transferred to Area Team office Oct. 1st.
Alfred de MedicisBelgianAdministrative Assistant. Arrived in April and terminated in June.
Robert TavenotFrenchDriver and Acting Transport Officer. Terminated in Sept. because of reduction in force program.
Jean MarchantFrenchClerk Typist. Terminated in Sept. because of reduction in force program.
Jacques NevouxFrenchTerminated in June.


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